Are You or a Loved One Considering Suicide?

Please Don't Choose a

to a

Permanent Solution

Temporary Problem.



National Suicide Hotline


Substance Abuse

Alcoholic Anonymous -

The          and               of Suicide Prevention




  • Be aware. Learn the warning signs.

  • Get involved. Become available. Show interest & support.

  • Ask them if they are considering suicide.

  • Be direct. Talk openly about suicide.

  • Listen. Allow expressions of feelings. Accept those feelings

  • Don't be judgmental. Don't debate whether it's right or wrong. Don't lecture about the value of life.


  • Don't dare them to do it.

  • Don't ask why. This will cause them to become defensive.

  • Don't Offer sympathy, offer empathy instead.

         - empathy is the ability to understand feelings and share feelings of another i.e. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes.


  - sympathy is the feeling of pity and sorrow for someone else.

  • Don't act shocked. This will put distance between you.

Offer Hope that

there are Other Alternatives,

take Action today.


We are not affiliated with any of these companies. We feel the resources they offer can be beneficial to one of you. Take Action today and Save a life.

Help is Available.


You Are Not Alone.

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a sign to Live.

This is It.