Drinkware Cleaning & Care

First Use Instructions

  • We recommend washing your Titan Flask products before use.

  • Use warm water and dish soap, scrub if needed. 

  • Bottle boots and lids should be removed before a cycle in the dishwasher. The bottle boots are made of 100% Silicone and will melt or warp if they are put into the dishwasher.

  • All of our lids have a silicone seal that assists in insulation, if placed in a dishwasher it could damage the seal causing damage to the lid. 

  • Your Titan Flask can withstand being put in the dishwasher on the Top Rack Only. The heat can cause damage to the vacuum seal if placed anywhere else.

Boiling Water in Your Titan Flask

  • Do not try to boil water in your Titan Flask, this will only cause damage to the exterior of the bottle. The water inside the bottle will not boil because of the Double Wall Vacuum Insulation.​​


  • The warranty will be voided in cases where fire damage is present.

Placing Your Titan Flask in the Freezer

We do not recommend putting your Titan Flask in the freezer, the vacuum insulation could be affected when exposed to extreme temperatures for prolonged periods. Also, due to the same insulation, it will take a long time for you to see any noticeable difference in temperature of the liquid inside.  

Instead we recommend use with ice cubes or cold water if your looking for a

cool & refreshing beverage.


Ice Cubes will last for up to 24hrs in your Titan Flask and have been reported to to last beyond this in certain conditions. 

Do Not Use Bleach to Clean

We use Stainless Steel because of its resistance to corrosion, which can last for a very long time. However, if you use the wrong cleaning chemicals it could cause your Titan Flask to break down quicker than expected. Don't wash your Titan Flask drinkware with Bleach or Chlorine, these two chemicals will stain and damage stainless steel.

Commercial Cleaners

The latest and greatest commercial cleaners may not make the best stainless steel cleaners. We don't recommend using any commercial cleaners to clean your Titan Flask, these chemicals may leave a residue and may not be safe to use on a bottle that you are intended to drink from. 

Cleaning Alternatives

Tap Water

You wouldn't want to use only water if you were planning on giving the bottle a deep clean or if particles are present, but if you just needed to give it a rinse, some warm tap water will get the job done.

Dish Soap & Water
Dish soap is the closest thing we have to an all purpose cleaner, a bit of warm water and a dab of soap works great to get your Titan Flask in tip-top-shape again. Remember a little goes a long way in regards to dish soap.

Vinegar & Water

If you've never used vinegar and water yourself for cleaning, you are probably pretty skeptical about using it as a cleaner. However, White Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders as a stainless steel cleaner because of its acidic content. It can get through stubborn stains with relative ease, and make stainless steel shine. It's so effective that you can even find compounds containing Vinegar, that are specifically formulated for cleaning.

Club Soda

Not just a great alternative to soda, it also contains ingredients that make great stainless steel cleaners.