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Apparel Cleaning & Care

Cleaning & Care for your Titan Flask Apparel

When shopping for your new hoodies, t-shirts, and long-sleeved tees one thing many don't do, is look up how to properly their new clothing. The design that caught your eye may begin to break down and lose its appeal over time with improper care or cleaning. Continue reading below to learn how to properly care for your new Titan Flask apparel.

  •           Turn It Inside Out -  Before throwing your shirt or hoodie in the washer turn it inside out. This reduces the amount of factors that remove it from the attached fabric, as well as preventing the colors from fading too quickly.

  •           Use Cold Water Only - Not only will it save you money on electricity, using cold water will help preserve the design or logo(s) on hoodies and tees.

  •           Use Low-Heat in the Dryer - We use cotton to make our products and using hot/warm water in the washer & high heat for drying will cause your apparel to shrink.

  •           Avoid Ironing (When Possible) - Ironing a printed hoodie or tee should be avoided. If necessary, turn iron on lowest heat setting, turn the shirt or hoodie inside out, and avoid letting the iron touch the design or logo(s).

We do not cover damage due to improper care or cleaning! Please pay attention to our care & cleaning instructions, to keep your Titan Flask gear at peak performance & fitting correctly. 



If you notice an error, or received damaged products, please reach out to our support team to arrange for an exchange or replacement.